My Resume

Letter of Recommendation

I attended USC, majoring in Photojournalism but my passion of photography started in highschool; I worked on the yearbook as the yearbook photo editor. Since that time my experience as a professional photographer has widened my world, brought me into circles of some great professionals, artists and people who I will never forget and to whom I am ever grateful.


As a professional photographer/videographer creative solutions are an important talent I bring to every job. Having worked on numerous films, TV shows, commercials, and YouTube videos, I have extensive experience working a video productions.  At times, I work projects with simple instructions where I produce, wrangle talent, script, direct, photograph, video, edit and complete all production aspects in order to present for final delivery.  Such difficult situations in a production has often resulted in work which far exceeded client’s expectations in the final result.


Once the main camera operator was unable to gain control of the gimbal, I was able to balanced and calibrate it so that it would function correctly getting everyone back on schedule.  The production company called to tell my agency that not only had I worked out well, but that the agency was brilliant to have sent me to that job.

While working at Moon Valley Nursery where I was the multimedia director, the jobs often involved filming in the field and at a variety of construction sites.  I am well versed in the specific difficulties in working in the field, especially with drones.  I have my FAA Commercial Drone Pilots license and keep abreast of all laws and rules to fly a drone in urban areas.